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Increase Browsing Speed in Mozilla Firefox – Speed up Firefox

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Firefox is a well known open source software browser and most widely used over the world for its secure, fast and stable. You should speed up Firefox browser because sometimes it gets failing and experiences slow internet speed connection. So if you are experiencing the same problem we have got a solution for this. With this step by step process you can gain high hidden speed of Firefox. The main problem with Firefox is it uses the least number of connections to download the data of a page. To resolve this we create multiple connections to a website and download the data as well.

Steps on How To Speed Up Firefox browser

  • Enter about:config in the address bar and press Enter.

Now you will see a conformation message Click on I’ll be careful, I promise!.

    • Now in order to search for network.http.pipelining just type/copy this in the search filter and check whether the value is set to true or not. If not, double click the element it will automatically set to true.

    Info : Here we are enabling pipelining in order to send multiple request to a page so that it loads faster than usual but not all servers support it.
  • Now again search for network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and click on the value element and set the value in between 8 and 15. ( I generally opt for 8. It is number of request sending to load.)

  • Now search for network.http.proxy.pipelining . Double click to set the value as true.

  • Type network.dns.disableIPv6 and set the value to true.

  • Content interupt parsing, this record might not be in some of the cases.

  1-So right click > New > Boolean
  2-Enter  content.interrupt.parsing in new boolean and click OK.
  3-Double click on that to set the value as true.

Speed up Firefox using:

  • Content Max Tokenizing

1-Right Click > New > Integer
2-Enter content.max.tokenizing.time in integer and click OK.
3-Set the value to 2250000 and press OK.

  • Content Notify Interval

  1-Right Click > New > Integer
  2-Enter content.notify.interval in integer and Click OK.
  3-set the value to 750000 and click OK.


  1-Right click > New > Boolean
  2-Enter content.notify.ontimer in boolean and click OK.
  3-Set it to true.

  • Notify Backoffcount

  1-Right Click > New > Integer
  2-Enter content.notify.backoffcount in integer and Click OK.
  3-set the value to 5 and click OK.


  1-Right Click > New > Integer
  2-Enter content.switch.threshold in integer and Click OK.
  3-set the value to 750000 and click OK.


  1-Right Click > New > Integer
  2-Enter nglayout.initialpaint.delay in integer and Click OK.
  3-set the value to 0 and click OK.
Now, After finishing these steps. Restart your Firefox browser and you can see the changes in browsing and downloading speed. Using the above steps you can speed up Firefox.

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