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Fill Gaps in Knowledge with These Matchless Informative and Educational Websites

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Ice and Sky

Ice and Sky tells the story about changes that happened in the climate of our planet in an attention-grabbing, intriguing and engaging way. Fully illustrated environment spiced up with subtle motion, and dynamic effects produce a dramatic impression.

100 Years of Design

The project was created to celebrate the centenary of design. It has a clean and neat interface and leverages neutral coloring to lay out the content in a pleasant and non-intrusive manner. You are welcomed to explore the website and take part in a discussion.

History of Icons

History of icons is a matchless, fully illustrated project that reveals all the vital and essential stages of icons' maturity. Of course, the story is presented in a concise manner, yet it is quite sufficient to broaden knowledge in this area.

Evolution of Windows

From old-timey, primitive yet quite nifty Windows 1.0 to sophisticated, intelligent and pioneering Windows 10 the project covers all of them. Each device is professionally visualized and is accompanied by a brief description.

Interiors in Time

Interiors in Time shows the evolution of domestic appliances that were used to create comfort living. It starts with early modernist and post art-deco era 40s and ends with minimalism and pragmatic 90s. Each decade is represented via corresponding furniture items.

Celebrating 100 years of discoveries for humanity

Celebrating 100 years of discoveries for humanity is a non-profit website that draws the attention to various achievements that have been made during this century. There are plenty of photos, interesting facts, and videos. From The Walter+Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

History of Innovation

History of Innovation is based on an original timeline that introduces you to the enormous work done by AT&T. The timeline covers 90 years of constant improvements and innovations made by the company.

Computing History

Computing History, as you may have guessed, is dedicated to computers and their evolution and maturity. This fully illustrated project offers you a fantastic and absorbing visual storytelling experience that not only amuses but also enlightens and informs.

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