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Working With Client Side Local Storage

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1Working With Client Side Local Storage Empty Working With Client Side Local Storage August 5th 2015, 9:13 am



We developers were depending on the server only for saving the data. And we used to retrieve the data by sending a request to our server and by manipulating some queries we could manage the formation, updating, insertion and so on. Great, we were doing a fantastic job.

But as the day’s passes, we must move on to the next level. Now a days all are busy in their life, so a person can wait a maximum of a few seconds for a request that he has given in your blog, or website, or in your product. If it takes much time, he/she will just close the window and start searching for an alternative. Am I right?

Yeah it happens when you are depending completely on the server. For each query it will take some seconds. Just because of this, we started using the client-side state management techniques, mostly cookies.

But we do have the following issues if we are using cookies also:

The cookies can have only a limited amount of data, which is definitely not enough for us to work on (4096 bytes).
And as the number of requests increases, the data amount in cookies also increase. So at a point of time, we may encounter some performance issues.

So in the modern web, we have a new solution, Local Storage.

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