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How To Create Compelling Infographics That Engage Your Audience

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How To Create Compelling Infographics That Engage Your Audience Compel10

As the name suggests, ingfographic is a graphical or visual representation of information. Websites have the ability to spread information by using multiple media formats. Text, audio files and video files have become traditional mediums now. The current trending medium is the infographic, it has accelerated conversion of the traffic and inviting new traffic altogether. The reason is that, complex information is presented in simplified form, with different attractive infographic designs. The majority of the information based websites, are now using versatile infographic tools that are providing the edge they need to engage higher traffic, and increase the conversion rates as well. Needless to say that anyone can implement this strategy on their websites; it will surely engage your target audience.

Following are some points you must take care, while making your own infographic if you don’t want to use inforgraphic tools or take help from a professional infographic maker:

1. Select your topic that should be trending

Choosing a topic that is boring and unattractive will not have a strong effect. The trending topics when presented in different infographic designs will attract your audience to a higher level. No one is looking for the same old boring educational statistic; they need the trending gossip as well.

2. You should do good research

Spend time on research, which is the most important part of any infographic. You must know that professional infographic makers have extensive research in their fields. The information you provide, must be authentic and no dubious data should be used in your infographic.

3. Infographic designs need to be simple

Many companies are assuming that complex infographic designs will attract audience. This will be a big no, according to real time statistics. The core purpose of an infographic is to get information in the most fast and simple way. So it will be better to stick to the standard infographic designs which deliver good, credible information.

4. Keep low profile color scheme

Most of the infographic tools also provide variations in the same color schemes. There is no need to go for a rainbow colored infographic. The combination of two colors with variations is the best approach as it expresses information in the best way, keeping your audience’s focus on information only.

5. Uniformity in the fonts

Like any good website or a blog post, fonts play a very important role. That is why the same font should be used in the overall infographic design, the size of the fonts can be managed to state the difference in the headings, titles and the main statistics of your infographic.

6. Use standard infographic design dimensions

Basically, there are only two types of formatting styles of any infographic, the vertical and the horizontal. Most of the professional infographic makers use the vertical format, and dimensions. The reasons are the best positioning in the web pages and blog posts and it can be easily read in the mobile interface as well. The horizontal format is a bit difficult to read in different interfaces.

7. Your infographic must be in a continuous flow

Like any good story, the reader needs to make sense of the events that are happening; likewise your infographic must never break the flow. If the flow breaks there are high chances that the readers will lose their focus and the infographic will lose their attention.

8. Give out your source and reference

All the information you gather must be cited in your infographic. The inclusion, of the sources will confirm that your information is authentic and the audience will love your infographic. The placement of the sources can be as a credit in the infographic designs, or just add in the URLS at the end of it, whichever suits best.

9. Brand your infographic

Almost all the professional and expensive infographic makers brand their products. You can do the same. It can be really beneficial if your infographic goes viral. No need to get into the legalities, simply mentioning ‘brought to you by’ or ‘made by’ can do the trick.

10. Make sure your infographic is easy to share

Last but not the least; you must add proper share buttons. This will create the ease, for your target audience to share it in their social networks. That is the whole reason for creating the infographic in the first place. Keeping it user friendly, will give you the best results.

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