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Most popular NoSQL database 2015

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1Most popular NoSQL database 2015 Empty Most popular NoSQL database 2015 October 8th 2015, 11:06 am



  • CouchDB

Most popular NoSQL database 2015 Couchd10

CouchDB is an Open Source NoSQL Database which utilizes JSON to store information and JavaScript as its query language. CouchDB applies a type of Multi-Version Controlling system for avoiding the lockage of the DB file during writing. It is Erlang. It’s authorized under Apache.

  • MongoDB

Most popular NoSQL database 2015 Mongod10

MongoDB is the most well known among NoSQL Databases. It is an Open-Source database which is Document oriented. MongoDB is an scalable and accessible database. It is in C++. MongoDB can likewise be utilized as file system. In MongoDB JavaScript can be utilized as query language. By utilizing sharding MongoDB scales horizontally.

  • Cassandra

Most popular NoSQL database 2015 Cassan10

Cassandra is a distributed data storage system for handling very large amounts of structured data. Generally these data are spread out to many commodity servers. Cassandra gives you maximal flexibility to distribute the data. You can also add storage capacity of your data keeping your service online and you can do this task easily. As all the nodes in a cluster are same, there is no complex configuration to deal with. Cassandra is written in Java. It supports mapreduce with Apache Hadoop. Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is a SQL-like language for querying Cassandra Database.

  • Redis

Most popular NoSQL database 2015 Redis10

Redis is a key-value store. Furthermore, it is the most famous key-value store. Redis has support for some C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Scala and so forth. Redis is composed in C language.

Furthermore, it is authorized under BSD

  • HBase

Most popular NoSQL database 2015 Hbase10

HBase is a distributed and non-relational database which is designed after the BigTable database by Google. One of the main goals of HBase is to host Billions of rows X millions of columns. You can add servers anytime to increase capacity. And multiple master nodes will ensure high availability of your data. HBase is composed in Java. It’s authorized under Apache. Hbase accompanies simple to utilize Java API for customer access.

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